Well, I do detect a chill in the air. Autumn, you are officially here and so many of us are secretly thrilled to get out those tights, lace up the boots and throw on a few more layers. Check out the ever evolving fall fashion via the “shop” link above.

It’s school for many of us as well. As you stockpile items for the school year, consider checking out the myriad of office and school supplies at your local thrift store. You can often find reams of loose leaf paper, binders, notebooks, pens and all sorts of art supplies at incredibly low prices.

And as always, if you are interested in a hands-on shopping experience, please get in touch to schedule an appointment. Or are you looking for personal shopping? Styling? Wardrobe restructuring? Closet decluttering? If it helps you simplify your life while treating the earth well in the process, I’m all in! I look forward to meeting with you!