Indeed, not long ago, I was wearing boots. (And I still haven’t packed them away. It’s the Wisconsinite in me…weather related trust issues!) But after a warm, sunny stretch, I am getting hopeful!

Considering, though, that many of us aren’t sure what weather we’re in for at any given moment, layers are where it’s at: cardigans, shawls, jackets that can easily be worn outside as well as inside the workplace. It’s also the time that so many of us are craving bright bursts of color, whether this is in a flower garden, the kitchen or right in your closet. (Related, the floral photo above is of a painting from a thrift store that I frequent. As I was looking for items of clothing, I was struck most by this lovely painting. So fun to be inspired by the unexpected.) And with that, I wish you bursts of brightness and inspiration around every corner.