Sometimes0080 a gal just needs a few hours of help to revamp a closet or to be reminded of her most flattering assets. Whether it’s doing personal shopping (primarily resale, of course), helping you find the best pieces from your wardrobe, or personally bringing you items from the Evolve inventory, I will gladly be a co-conspirator in your style evolution!

“Evolve’s personal shopping service saves time while still allowing me to have the ‘outside the box’ style that I crave. Every piece was an instant winner; Rachael’s grasp of size/fit is unbeatable!” – Nell, Milwaukee

“I truly hate shopping. That is why I am always so thrilled when Rachael surprises me with a new item! She has such a knack for seeing a dress or shirt and knowing that it will look good on me. AND that it will fit! Plus she is constantly introducing me to new styles that I never knew I could pull off, let alone look hot in! She’s the best and I highly recommend her!!!” – Amy, Appleton

(Rates for the above services start at $45/hour with the opportunity to decrease based on number of hours chosen. Please contact to discuss your specific needs.)

I’m also a BIG fan of decluttering. For me, physical clutter often translates to mental clutter. Maybe you feel the same. Do you ever sit down to tackle a work project but feel distracted by the piles around you? And what about that bedroom closet that causes stress every morning when you search for something to wear that is both flattering and comfortable? I like to declutter my closet regularly because the benefit is twofold: I actually wear what makes me feel good AND I get to donate to local charities. Win win! I really love to help others get organized as well, whether it’s a closet, a bedroom or an entire house! I will even take purged items off your hands to recycle or donate them to the charities of your choice! Rates for this service start at $30/hour with the opportunity to decrease based on number of hours chosen. Get in touch!