The Evolving Story

FB_profileAs we evolve, reducing, reusing and recycling are no longer just catch phrases; they are essential components of modern life. Reusing clothing and therefore, reducing consumption, is a fantastic step in curtailng our impact on the environment. However, many busy women have indicated that they simply don’t have the time to comb area resale shops for those great finds. Luckily, I thoroughly enjoy searching for gems and knowing that I am making a difference by reducing not only my own carbon footprint, but also the footprint of my clientele. In fact, I often hop on my one-gallon tank scooter to patronize the local Madison thrift shops, backpack practically bursting at the seams!

Evolve carries classic vintage as well as designer wares but I also welcome many other brands. I firmly believe that reusing & conserving trumps any sort of label. And you know what else? People of all backgrounds most certainly trump the magazine model archetype. It is vital to the Evolve mission to showcase all walks of life and I continually seek out a variety of models to represent this. We live in a world of amazing diversity with people all kinds of glorious shapes, sizes and styles.

Why on earth would we NOT want to celebrate that?