A Bit about the Curator

It often starts with dressing up the dolls, doesn’t it?

Well, actually, I really wanted a baby sister to gussy up but when I realized that I was going to be the baby forever, I settled for the dolls. I also settled on myself. A burgeoning fashionista in my single digit years, my mother still gives me grief for the way I insisted changing my clothes multiple times a day. What can I say? She had the most amazing collection of 1960s prom and bridesmaids’ gowns for dress-up fun (which also gave me my first taste of vintage class). Also, as the youngest of many female cousins, I inherited all sorts of hand-me-downs and I adored the thrill of finding what inspired me moment to moment. From beautiful to funky to ridiculous, those big plastic bags, bursting with clothes were my treasure chests and, as I’d realize many years later, my art. It makes perfect sense then, that I now find myself wanting to share this beauty, this art, this style and sass while pursuing a passion to live the most eco-conscious life possible.

Ready to part of the evolution? I know…I can’t wait either!

– Rachael


(In all of my polyester glory!)